Navaratri april 8th-16th

"The ancient seers of India identified special time frames during the year when the Mother Goddess Archetype descends into the Earth plane. This is important because when the Goddess is present in your life, you will have the intelligence, energy and courage to take the action required to succeed. The Goddess is the invisible Divine Feminine that exists in women and men.
Invoking the Goddess is a Super Technology and only a few adepts know the true secrets of Goddess worship. Two times a year, in spring and autumn, you can connect with the Goddess so that She remains an active force in your life. It's called, 9 Nights of the Goddess (Navratri). "Vasant Navratri" or Spring Navratri refers to 9 Moon phases, when Goddess energy is at its peak and it starts this Friday! Vasant Navratri begins this Friday, April 8th and ends on Saturday, April 16th. Nava means to renew, so these nine nights provides a great opportunity for renewing your intellectual, emotional and spiritual energies. In 2016, it also provides a rare opportunity to renew your logical and creative brain. Therefore, this year the celebration is dedicated to the Goddess of Learning."

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