Babaji's birthday, December 3rd - Karthigai Deepam Dec 2nd

This is Babaji's birthday in the Rohini Natchaththiram.. In addition to dedicating this special day for intense sadhana, reciting his mantra and calling for his presence into our hearts, here are some information about this next full moon.

During the Full Moon in the Tamil month of Karthigai (mid-November to mid-December), there is a holy festival in southern India called Karthigai Deepam. This is a great celebration of victory of light over darkness. During this Full Moon, the Moon is aligned with a Pleiadian star called Krittika (or Alcyone in astronomy). This is a star of truth and is associated with Muruga, a warrior/healer archetype of light.

Deepam is a lighted lamp. Every year on Karthigai Deepam, after sunset, a large fire is lit on top of Arunachala mountain in Thiruvannamalai. It is considered a great honor for the young men who are picked to help carry the wood and other supplies up the mountain earlier in the day. Once lit by a priest, this great fire or Maha Deepam can be seen for miles around. This celebrates a time when Shiva destroyed negative forces through his laughter and divine fire and brought divine light into the world.

Over a million people from far and wide come to walk around Arunachala on Karthigai Deepam and ask Shiva to destroy their impurities of ego, selfishness and delusion. They will be joined by divine visitors who may be invisible to the human eye, including siddhas, rishis, yogis and angels from other galaxies. These divine visitors will also be sharing their blessings.

On Karthigai Deepam, many householders in Tamil Nadu will light wicks in deepam lamps filled with ghee (melted, clarified, unsalted butter) and place them both inside and outside their home. It is a sight that truly touches the heart to see deepam lamps burning in the night under the Full Moon.

The mountain of Arunachala is said to be able to change our consciousness as it so filled with the fire element aspect of Shiva. Looking at this mountain or even thinking about it on Karthigai Deepam is capable of stilling the mind. Shiva’s energy of liquid flame can fill us with purifying renewal and re-create our lives with positive transformational change. In addition, Muruga’s blessings are also released during this Full Moon night as he helps Pleiadian wisdom enter our world.

Many people like to light a deepam lamp and recite quantum sounds for Shiva during Karthigai Deepam:
These are the sounds of the 5 elements. 
• NA is the sound of earth element
• MA is the sound of water element
• SHI is the sound of fire element
• VA is the sound of wind or air element
• YA is the sound of space or the causal plane also known as akash
These sounds for Shiva help us to harmonize with all the elements so that we become people who are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing in the right way with the right atttiude: OM NAMA SHIVAYA

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