Tibetan yoga masters

"To bring a world which is not of this world. It is out of time, blessed, limitless. Made of stillness which is more active then any mouvement. Made of silence which is more vibrant then any words...
One of the aspects of tantrism; nothing , absolutly nothing must be refused, denied or repressed. Everything must be accepted, integrated and transformed. Like nature changes coal into diamonds, like the alchymist speek of changing lead into gold.

Their vision is beyond the veil of appearances, they know above all things that they are One. They are playing their parts perfectly, freely, spontaneously, they are completly aware of the present moment and are overflowing with serenity, joy, kindness and compassion. For they are free. Love is always related to compassion, not love that is founded in emotionnal impulses, capable of becoming its opposite and giving birth to selfishness, jealousy, hatred and dispair. No, love who takes root in the realization of the unity of all beings..... Haven died completly the death of its own egoism and of the believe of his own individuality separated from others, the yogi can say : « because i am,   i am everybody, i am everything..."

(from the video)

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