Visite de Swami Atmachaithanya

Vidéo sur Swami Atmachaithanya faite pendant sa visite à Aix-en-Provence, Mai 2012

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Arnauld Benesch a dit…

Swami Atma Chaitanya seems to be a pure soul,a rare soul.I used to be in contact with quite many saddhus/swamis/gurujis and I've noticed that the most impressive (illuminated?) ones were speaking with that sweet,almost effeminate voice. And most of them were having a good sense of humour along with a kind of childish innocence,but piercing eyes.
I felt the same for him. He moved to Siddhananda Sita place to teach in a small committee and I hope you were there;missed him this year,I hope well'be there for 2013
Aum Tat Sat