something extremely magnetic within
rooted like a rock in absolut stillness
radiating aliveness without creating waves
it dwells in the core of vertiginous emptiness
that is

and on the outskirts of existence,
creation unfolds itself at the speed of light
in compelling forces of change in action,
bringing into form, and dissolving itself again and again
in divine mystic play of lila

whereas in another level nothing changes
only that what Is, remains

the same as a galaxy
motionless and simultaneously
embedded in extreme velocity

in the field of all potentiality
life lives itself admist infinite combined paradoxes
all movement emerges from stillnes,
holds stillness within and returns to stillness
all form is emptiness to be revealed

macro and microcosmos are pliable to the same laws
gross and subtle matter; the same
all taking place in each propre dimension

awareness expands,
perceiving itself 
all inclusive
and beyond
that which pervades and permeates


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